Why Choose Us?

Indigenously developed technology

Our strength lies in our Research and Development team. Our products are indigenous and fit perfectly within the “Make in India” initiative of the Government. To the possible extent, we source our raw materials from within India, this helps us offer our products at competitive and affordable rates.

Proficiency to develop products and total solutions

We have multi-functional design, testing and manufacturing capabilities in electronics that make us an ideal source for the manufacture of a complete product or its individual components.

Customised Solutions

Customised electronics for the needs of our customers is what we specialise in. We could easily work with you to find a solution to your unique application needs. We can be your trusted partner from initial concept through development and final production.

Integration & Maintenance

We help you integrate our products into your existing systems. We also undertake suitable software development for the components built by us and we provide maintenance of products that we build.

Design, fabrication, testing, and manufacture of:

Passive and Active Circuit Components: RF Filters, Power Dividers, Microwave Resonator Cavities, Switched Filter Banks, Power Dividers, Couplers, Power Splitters, Gain Equalizers, UP/Down Converters, Signal Conditioning Blocks, Junction Couplers, Multiplexers, Power Amplifiers, LNA’s etcetera for RADAR and Telecommunication applications.

Radio: Front end Transceiver modules, Antennas, Antennas for RADAR, Telecommunications, GPS applications, Microwave Wireless sensor antennas etcetera

Wave Guide Components: Junction Couplers, Circulators, Hybrid T Junction Couplers, TWT Structures, Cavity Based sensors for industrial applications, RADAR, FMCW Radar Modules for measuring distance, velocity, angle etcetera

Power Supply Modules, Testers, Relay Testers, Compass Tester, FPSS-Sensor Testers, FPSS-conditioner Tester, Spring Elasticity Testers, Shock absorber test system, Altitude testers, Gyro-Horizon Testers, Power supply Tester, IC Tester.

Detectors, Control Warning panel, Industrial Controllers, Simulators

Power Amplifiers: TWTA